Monday, February 16, 2015

Best upcoming Samsung smartphones in 2015

New releasing Samsung smartphones of 2015

Dear Nexus 6, Galaxy S5, LG G3, Xperia z3 & Htc M8 fans,
No need to worry about upcoming 2015 handsets because You'll get confused to buy which one. In 2015 Samsung, LG, Google, HTC is going to through some bombs for their Fans. all those companies are going to release exciting smatrphones, handsets & tables for you.
Now i'n gonna share about upconming Samsung handsets on 2015
Samsung Upcoming smartphones in 2015:
Samsung Galaxy S6:
galaxy s6
Samsung galaxy s6 is going to be call a big blast on market of 2015. The fans who don't like to have a phablet rather than a smartphone then Samsung galaxy s6 is waiting for you.
There are two design for Galaxy s6 but
any one of those design is coming on market of 2015. Lets discussing about those designs One design is Fully metalic lake as Galaxy alpha and another one is half metalic like galaxy note 4. But your are getting Quad-HD screen, Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 gb ram with many exciting  features. There is also a finger print detector like Apple ID on Galaxy S6. Mey be it will release in March 1, 2015.
Samsung Galaxy S6 mini:
In Smartphone's market Besides Galaxy S6 Samsung is going to release Galaxy S6 mini. Which will have same design but in little version of S6. s6 mini has also special features like s6.Samsung galaxy s6 mini is coming with 4.7 inches display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 16- with 5 megapixel camera. It has upgrated camera  quality with HD features. It may be release after 3/4 months of Galaxy S6 or on July/August, 2015.
Smartphones of 2015
Samsung Galaxy Edge:
Samsung Galaxy Edge can be called by the other version of Samsung Galaxy S6. It has curved display with High Resulation screen.
Galaxy EDGE following Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Note Edge. It's Screen is rounded in both sides. Release date of Samsung Galaxy Edge may be on April,2015.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active:
Samsung galaxy S6 Active is may be the rumour version of Samsung. An korean source informed that, the Main Samsung Galaxy S6 will not be Water Proof for this they are releasing the S6 Active as a water proof version. It will be the final version of Samsung Galaxy S6. But It's not Coming till this Summer.
Samsung Galaxy A7:
Samsung has announced about Samsung Galaxy A7 release. It's a gorgeous phablet of 2015. It is coming with 5.5 inchies super AMOLED Screen also including 64-bit Octa-core high speed Processor.

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