Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive

Remove Shortcut Virus From Windows Pc and Flash Drive

Nowadays Many of Us facing the problem of shortcut virus.
Actually the virus in working as a service of our windows. Which become one of  the default Services when its attacks our pc from other source like flash drives ( pen drives, memory cards or sticks ).

Its Naturally Fully Damages our all the affected files and creates the shortcut icon of those files.
I Will Write about the Memory Recovery later. Now i am writing about the steps to remove them from affected Windows Pc / Flash Drives. ON Unaffected PC or Drives you can give Protection Shield.
Follow this Steps:

For Unaffected Windows PC:

1. go to RUN (by pressing windows button+R).
2. write wscript.exe & press ENTER.
3.Put the value 1 in "Stop Script after specified number of seconds:" & click on APPLY.
NOW YOU UNAFFECTED PC WILL NEVER AFFECT BY OTHER FLASH DRIVE ( Safe ) & No chance to be affected by Shortcut virus in future.

For Affected windows PC:

2. goto Processes tab.
3. select the wscript.exe file.
4. click on End Process.
5. now go to C:/ or C drive.
6. write wscript on search box (on upper right corner of screen).
7. press CTRL+A ( mark all).
8. now press SHIFT+DELETE to delete all wscript files.
9. If any file isn't deleting then skip them.
10. go to RUN (by pressing windows button+R).
11. write wscript.exe & press ENTER.
12.Put the value 1 in "Stop Script after specified number of seconds:" & click on APPLY.

Now your PC is fully cleaned from shortcut virus and no chance to be affected by shortcut virus again in Future. 

For Affected Flash Drives / Pen Drives / Memory Cards:

1. connect the flach drive/pen drive/memory card on your pc.
2. go to RUN (by pressing windows button+R). 
3. write cmd & press ENTER.
4. write your "flach-drive-letter:" ( example- I: ) & press ENTER.
5. write the code same to same 
             code: attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
6. then press ENTER.
7. now look if your affected files are showing in flash drive then copy them to other place.
8. then FORMAT you flash drive.

Now your Flash Drive is also Safe & fully recovered from those virus.

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